What is the best way to burnish leather (edges, flats, fluids, materials, etc) and how does it work (fibers, etc)?

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The only part of a leather piece I normally burnish is the edge. First the corners are "rounded" using an edge beveler. Next I apply Gum Tragacanth and allow it to dry. Finally, I burnish it by rubbing briskly along the edge with an edge slicker. Top • What type of leather is your lacing made of? Our lacing is made of cowhide fibers bonded together. Note: this question was originally asked without a return email which is why it never got a reply because it really doesn't belong in the FAQ. Top • How is the embossing wheel used? It is put in an overstitch spacer and rolled across cased leather to make the imprint. Top • Can the leather stamping tools also be used to stamp a somewhat "soft" metal like sterling silver? Officially we have to take the stance of no since use on metal voids any warrantee. We do have customers that use them for thin soft metals, but be aware that use on any metal may chip the plating on the tool. Furthermore various metals of the same type may have differing ...
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