What is the best way to keep pickles crispy and crunchy?

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Ball 100% Natural Pickle Crisp ensures your pickles don't turn out wimpy. Simply add Pickle Crisp directly into each jar of pickles and process according to a tested recipe like those on this web site. No long waiting for cucumbers to soak overnight and, best of all, no messy clean-up. Pickle Crisp works with any fresh-pack pickle or pickled vegetable recipe. So try Pickle Crisp with you favorite pickle recipe! What processing methods are recommended for home canned foods?There are only two methods for heat processing home canned foods that are considered safe: the boiling-water method for high-acid foods and steam-pressure method for low-acid foods. These methods are outlined on this site. See Canning Basics. There is no substitute for adequate heat treatment for the correct length of time. Although some people may continue to use outdated methods, these practices are not safe and should not be used for any reason. If you have a recipe or instructions using a method not listed here, ... more
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