What is the Best Way to Kill Silverfish?

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1 Answer

A good silverfish killer should be efficient, easy to use and cheap. Silverfish are fast and nimble creatures and demand the utmost respect when it comes to their extermination. However, they can be beaten and in this article I'll share with you what I think are the top three best ways to kill silverfish, including the number one silverfish killer. Number 3 - Powder Powder is great against silverfish. You can sprinkle it in gaps in walls and wherever else silverfish may be coming from. They won't be able to get past it. If they touch it, they will lose all the moisture inside them and they will quickly die. That's if their exoskeletons are not already damaged by the abrasive nature of the powder. You can get pesticide or natural powder. If you go for the former, then it will have the added benefit that if the silverfish eat it then they will also be poisoned. However, if you go for the latter then it's still frankly good enough. Number 2 - Traps Some people don't like to sprinkle ... more
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