What Is The Best Way To Put On a Bra?

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It's one thing to simply put on a bra, and quite another to have it properly positioned so that it provides the right support and stays comfortable all day. It may take a few seconds longer, but the fit and comfort factor will be well worth the extra time. I've interviewed many women, and from those interviews have learned there are three different ways to put on a bra. Each technique achieves the proper result if done correctly. I have listed them for you in order of my preference. HOOK & SPIN STEPS 1. Wrap your bra around your waist and hook the closure in front of you. Make note of the location of the bra's label (e.g. side seam, back). 2. Turn your bra clockwise until the front of your bra is centered. This ensures that the excess on the adjustment flap lays flat against your back. 3. Bring bra up so that the bra band is resting directly under the breasts. 4. Slip the shoulder straps over your shoulders. 5. Run your finger along the area where the bra's label is to make sure it ... more
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