What is the best way to study pharmacology?

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Many people initially think that the best way to study pharmacology is to learn large, huge even, lists of drugs. This is not only exceedingly difficult to do because there are all sorts of new names you have never heard of before, but it is also incredibly boring and senseless and an exceedingly unpleasant thing to do. DO NOT LEARN LISTS OF DRUGS. What do you do then? How can you make learning pharmacology efficient and enjoyable? First you must understand how the body works and what happens to it when something goes wrong with it. In other words, you must have a good knowledge of physiology (how it works) and pathophysiology (what goes wrong with it). You see, all drugs do is interfere with normal body processes. They cant do magic things, they can only change the way in which the body is already functioning. So, if you understand how the body works and what goes wrong with it then you will easily understand how drugs can interfere with these normal physiological and ... more
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