What is the best yoke for flight simulator x?

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I don't think there are any yokes available for under £30. You can certainly get joysticks below that price, but not yokes. If you want a yoke, you're probably looking at prices starting at around £70. Saitek and CH Products both make yokes. I think there are some other companies that make them as well. CH Products is much more expensive; not sure if it's better or not (or better value for the money). Most controls like this have a selection of programmable buttons, knobs, etc., that you can use for the more common aircraft functions, such as elevator trim, mixture, flaps, spoilers, or whatever. The Saitek X52 includes a throttle quadrant but uses a stick rather than a yoke. Well-stocked computer game stores often have a small section dedicated to flight simulation where you can look at various options for your flight controls. The most elaborate set-ups include MCP panels, CDUs, etc., and quickly start to become very pricey (and increasingly specific to certain aircraft). more
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