What is the biggest challenge to Latin American women journalists today?

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MCC: There are very few women in top management positions in the Latin America media. There is still machismo in many of our countries. In general, the top managers are men. There are some exceptions, like Ana Mercedes Gomez, director and owner of El Colombiano, a daily newspaper in Medellin, Colombia. But, in general, the media are not owned or directed by women. This is certainly reflected in some of the coverage. For example, I wrote in an article for the Nieman Reports (Winter 2001 issue; Machismo is Only One Obstacle Women Face: A Colombian War Reporter Becomes Involved in Women's Issues) and included the fact that 400 journalists registered to cover the National beauty contest in Colombia. Florence Thomas, a professor at National University in Bogota said it well, when she said that such an event is humiliating, like a horse fair. Many of the nightly newscasts ended with pictures of young women in bikinis. In contrast, some print media, such as El Tiempo, a Bogota daily ... more
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