What is the Bristol-Hillman music academy?

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The Bristol-Hillman Music Academy, also referred to as the Bristol-Hillman Music Conservatory is a fictional summer program in Los Angeles. It was depicted in the feature film, "Raise Your Voice," starring Hillary Duff.MisconceptionAlthough it was portrayed as a functioning school in the film, Bristol-Hillman Music Academy does not exist in real life. However, the film depicted the application and audition process of a summer conservatory in a realistic way.ContextIn the film, "Raise Your Voice," the character Terri Fletcher is accepted into the prestigious school and attends despite objections form her father. The power of music as well as friends she makes at the school help her cope with the tragic loss of her older brother.DepictionThe aesthetic of the fictional academy is extremely vibrant in "Raise Your Voice." There are various rooms where the students can practice their instruments and creativity is highly encouraged. Teri's professor, John Corbett, is also extremely helpful ...
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