What is the change in chromosome number in mitosis and meiosis?

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1 Answer

Well, Mitosis never affects the chromosomal number! For example, all somatic cells (The cells that undergo mitosis) of humans will always have a chromosomal number of 46! think of it this way: Mitosis is a mechanism that ensures preservation of the species because DNA Normally decays, and the cells usually "Age"! Hence, there SHOULD be a process that allows "Renewal"! Are you with me? Btw, Mitosis results in TWO daughter cells! Good... On the other hand, meiosis is the process where a sex cell (of chromosomal number 2n. In humans, thats equivalent to 46 chrom) undergoes 2 divisions! The first being reductional, and the second equational in order to end up with FOUR daughter cells each having a chromosomal number of n (23 Chromosomes)! Im glad to help! more
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