What is the cost of spaying a female cat in India?

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1 Answer

The cost of spaying a cat varies greatly depending on where you live. Generally spaying a female cat is significantly more expensive than neutering a male cat, due to the extensive surgery that is involved. Check with your local animal shelter to see if they have a spay/neuter clinic or know of one. I had my cat spayed at the shelter clinic for $35. This is the lowest I think they generally run... and can be upwards of $250-300 - depending where you go. No matter how much it costs to spay her, it will certainly be less money than caring for/ feeding/ vetting/ vaccinating a litter of 6-12 kittens. Not to mention the health aspect of spaying a cat. When a cat is spayed, its chances of getting mammary and ovarian cancer go way down. If you need help finding a low cost spay/neuter clinic/vet in your area, visit http://www.spayusa.org for more info. more
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