What is the CPT code for Suture Removal?


What is the CPT code for Suture Removal?

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First determine if the provider who is billing for the suture removal is the same provider who put the sutures in? If the answer is Yes, then he/she cannot bill for removing the sutures. Suturing (wound care codes) include the removal of the sutures if performed by the same surgeon because suturing codes have what is called a “global period†. Global period means that any services performed that are related to the initial procedure have already been paid through the initial procedure performed and billed. However there is an exception. Let’s say an ER physician put in the sutures and then the patient showed up in the primary care’s of office to have them removed. Since the primary care provider is not the performing surgeon, he/she may then bill a 99212 for removal of the sutures (or 99211 if removed by a medical assistant, nurse; non-provider). Additionally please note that some procedures have “no global period†such as: biopsies (CPT codes 11100, 11101), shave removals (CP

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