What is the Damage/Security deposit and what does it cover?

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1 Answer

Security Deposit Protection (SDP) Insurance - These properties are privately owned and the Guest is expected to take reasonable care of it and occupy it in a quiet and dignified manner. All damages and breakages will be covered by the SDP insurance up to a value of $1500.00. Any deliberate damage or gross negligence will not be covered by SDP insurance and will be the legal responsibility of the Guest and such costs will be charged to the Guest credit card on file. Any maintenance or repair to the premises, equipment amenities or fixtures required due to misuse will be charged to the Guest. It is very strongly recommended that Kool Aid (as well as other colored punches and grape juices) should not be consumed in the home and that bleach or any other product containing bleach should not be used in the home. The resulting stains/marks cannot be removed from carpets or upholstery and may result in damage well in excess of $1500.00. Damage in excess if $1500.00 will be charged to the ... more
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