What Is The Definition of Post-Acute Care?

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1 Answer

A. Post-Acute Care (PAC) is a program introduced to improve the transition from hospital to the community. Post-Acute Care facilities provide services to patients needing additional support to assist them to recuperatefollowing discharge from an acute hospital. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, there are 18 funded PAC Services operating in both metropolitan and rural areas, and the Program has statewide coverage. These services include home nursing, personal care, childcare, allied health services and home health care. During 2000-2001, the PAC Program was expanded to include emergency department patients, to prevent their admission to hospital, and patients discharged from sub- acute services. The Program acts to augment the current service system, not substitute for existing services. The objectives of the Program are: • To provide additional post-acute care services for individuals who require them; • To improve care planning for patients discharged from ... more
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