What is the difference between 1, 2, 3 and 4 star hotels?

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1 Answer

We do not have consistency from one country to the next. Some rate their hotels based on a variety of amenities and services offered. Luxury hotels will naturally be at the top of the ratings at 4/5 star. Most of the hotels used are 3/4 star properties. We ensure you a very good quality hotel property with room containing a private bathroom and shower at a minimum. We search for family owned inns and charming ambiance. No chain hotels, no dumps - we aren't going cheap here! We can upgrade to very deluxe in some cased, but often these places are the best available and we think you will enjoy them immensely for their charm, local touch, local style, and service. We try to have hotels with staff that speak some English, but it isn't always possible. Most all of the properties will contain a restaurant, and if the property does not it will have an arrangement with a very close restaurant. You can expect to be able to store your bike either in a special storage area. In general, you are ... more
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