What is the difference between 100# gloss book and 100# gloss cover?

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2 Answers

The difference between the 2 is that the cover stock is twice as thick as the book stock. 100# gloss book measures at .005 inches thick whereas 100# gloss cover measures .010 inches thick. more
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100# gloss book paper is half the thickness of 100# gloss cover. Your Cover Stock paper is more comparible to a thick cardstock, while your Gloss Book Stock Papers are comparible to a magazine paper. Both can be used with a UV or AQ gloss coating.

Gloss Book papers are usually more ideal for brochures while your gloss cover paper is better suited for something like a flyer, brochures, posters or as covers to magazines or booklets.

However, if you're printing a business card or postcard I suggest using a thicker cardstock than 100# gloss cover. 14pt or 16pt cardstock, or even a 20pt plastic is more desirable.


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