What is the difference between a chronological resume and a functional resume?

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1 Answer

There are three main resume formats – chronological, functional and a combination of both. Each is defined by the way it organizes your experience. Choose the one that shows your experience to its best advantage. Chronological Resume Format This resume type is the most common. It organizes your experience around the jobs you have held. This format is an excellent choice for people with steady work histories or previous jobs that relate closely to their career objective. To create a chronological resume, list each position you have held, starting with the most recent and working backward. For each position, give the title of your job, name of the organization you worked for, and years you worked there. Next, relate the duties and accomplishments of that job. When describing your jobs, use action statements, not sentences. Instead of writing "I managed a fundraising campaign," write, "Managed a fundraising campaign." Use strong verbs to begin each statement. Be specific, but not overly ...
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