What is the difference between a compact parking space and a full-size parking space?

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1 Answer

A compact parking space is 8’ 6” by 16’; a full-size parking space is 9’ by 17’ 4”. • What happens if a full-size car parks in a designated compact parking space and visa versa? Proper signage would be installed to convey parking space sizes with periodic enforcement by Parking Service Department staff to ensure compliance. • Will vehicles be able to go both ways in the Main Street parking garage or just one way? Garage flow is two-way traffic. Users will travel the same ramp circulating up and down the garage. • Will vehicles need to drive all the way to the top of the Main Street parking garage in order to the descend and exit? No. • What does the police department think of the overbuild or demolishing the PSB Addition? Disruption during construction for any of the options will be difficult and inconvenient, but Township staff experienced this during the Township building expansion project six years ago. The proposed, more efficient space is viewed as a positive. Programmatic ... more
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