What is the difference between a corset, a waist cincher and a bodice?

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1 Answer

Our corsets have solid steel boning and come above the bust line and are usually worn as a fashion top. A waist cincher is a type of corset and begins just below the bust line and ends just below the waist line with solid steel boning. A bodice is a fashion top that may also have boning but does not have the cinching ability of a corset or waist cincher. [[Back To Top]] • Q: What do I wear a waist cincher with? Waist cinchers can be worn over almost anything, looks great over a tank top or a blouse. Wear with a dress, skirt or pants for a more pronounced feminine shape to your outfit. It can also be worn alone as an intimate piece of apparel. [[Back To Top]] • Q: How do I know what size corset I wear? A corset is sized unlike any other womens top, it is based on you waist measurement. If you regularly wear a corset and know that you can cinch your waist by more than 4", please order the appropriate size. Otherwise we recommend 4" down for waist reduction, also take into consideration ...
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