What is the difference between a CROSS-SECTIONAL study and a LONGITUDINAL study?

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(55) A Cross-sectional study involves studying people all at one time, and a Longitudinal study involves studying the same individuals over a period of time, usually several years or more. 114. List and describe 3 theories of child development. (31-50) Psychoanalytic theories describe development as primarily unconscious and is heavily colored by emotion. Psychoanalytic theorists believe that behavior is merely a surface characteristic and that to truly understand development, we have to analyze the symbolic meanings of behavior and the deep inner workings of the mind. Ericksons theory: There are eight psychosocial stages of development that unfold as we go through our lifespan. They are Trust vs.- mistrust (first year); Autonomy vs.- shame and doubt (ages 1-3); Initiative vs.- guilt (ages 3-5); Industry vs.- inferiority (6 puberty); Identity vs.- identity confusion (ages 10-20); Intimacy vs.- isolation (ages 20s & 30s); Generativity vs.- stagnation (40s & 50s); Integrity vs.- ...
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