What is the difference between a domain name and a trademark?

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1 Answer

Trademark by itself identifies and distinguishes the goods/services from those of the other proprietors. Domain name can serve as a business identifier by hosting marketing information regarding the goods/services it identifies. If the business is itself an e-commerce dealer in goods or services like Amazon or Google, the Internet site assumes all the more importance. In such cases, the Internet site not only hosts information it is also the medium of dealing in goods/services offered on the Internet. Therefore, from the business perspective both trademark and domain name serve the same end objective of branding and market recognition. However, as far as the system for registration goes, there are tougher criteria to be met for the registration of a trademark as compared to a domain name. For a domain name to be registered the name need not meet the criteria of distinctiveness or uniqueness. The name should simply be available for registration. By and large, domain names are ...
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