What is the difference between a double major and a double degree?

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For any bachelor’s degree in Arts and Sciences, you have to complete at least 125 credits consisting of our general requirements and the major requirements. If you add another major, you only have to complete the additional major requirements. You will receive only one diploma. If you add another degree, however, you have to complete at least 155 credits consisting of the general requirements for each college as well as both major requirements. You will receive two diplomas. If you add a degree that’s offered in the same college as your first degree, your general requirements won’t change that much, if at all. If the second degree is through a different college, that college would evaluate your transcript and tell you if more general requirements were needed.
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A double major is a single degree within a single college (e.g. B.A. with a double major in psychology and women's studies or a B.S. in mathematics and computer science). A double degree is two degrees either within a single college or within two different colleges (e.g. B.A. in biology and a B.S. in chemistry or a B.A. in German and a B.S. in engineering). A double major gets one degree, one diploma, with both majors listed on the transcript. The double degrees gets two degrees, two diplomas with both listed on the transcript. more
If you are thinking of adding the Math Major to your current program of study it is important to know the difference between a double major and a double degree. Double Degree: The difference between a double degree and a double major is related to the degree title. Bachelor degrees at the UA have an exact title assigned to each one. For example, two common degree titles are the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) or the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.). If you choose to add a second major with a title that differs from your first major, you are in effect declaring a second degree. For example, if you are pursuing a B.S., Mathematics Major and you decide to also pursue a B.A., Economics Major, you must then follow the requirements for both degree programs. You would be pursuing a second or double degree. Students earning a second Bachelor's degree must earn no fewer than 30 unique UA (in house) units in addition to all the requirements for the first degree. If the first degree requires 120 units, then ... more
A double major is when a student officially declares and completes two different majors. The student receives one baccalaureate degree upon graduation. The University does not officially recognize triple majors. A double degree is when a student completes two different majors or programs from two different colleges where one of the majors leads to a degree that is specified as professional or clinical (externally certified) and the total number of credits completed for the two degrees is at least 144. e.g., Psychology (From the School of Arts and Sciences) and Mechanical Engineering (From the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences). Please visit page 87 of the Bulletin for additional information on these degrees. Click here. more
A double major requires students to complete all requirements of the two majors (with only 18 credits applied to both) and complete a total of 120 credits. Double degrees require the completion of 150 credits and students are awarded two degrees. More information about double majors/degrees can be found within the students’ major college.
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