What is the difference between a French door, a garden door and a patio door?

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That's a great description of French, garden and patio door. I recently got a new patio door installed using energy efficient windows. The tint of the glass can be remotely controlled so we can control how much light comes in. Just love it. Got these from Champion Window and Doors-http://www.homeadvisor.com/usp/Champion-Windows-andamp-Doors/407175.

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Different door styles fit different applications in your home. A French door is a door with multiple glass panes extending for most or all of its length. They are often installed as a pair - or in multiple pairs - where one of the pair may be fixed indefinitely with locks or posts.They are most frequently used at the back of a home leading to a deck, garden or patio, but may also be used as a single interior door. Glossary > A Garden door is usually installed in a pair or in a group of three panels. One panel operates as a regular door while the other panel opens window-style and comes complete with screen. On three-wide Garden door units the third panel remains fixed. A Patio door is sliding door made of two large panes of glass set in sashes, with one pane stationary and one operable. The glass in a patio door may extend from top to bottom, or the bottom of the door may include a decorative panel. Patio doors are available in a wide range of widths. more

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