What Is the Difference Between a G-Tube and a J-Tube?

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1 Answer

The main difference is that the physician inserts the G-tube percutaneously into the stomach, but he inserts a J-tube (percutaneous jejunostomy tube) directly into the jejunum, says Margaret Lamb, RHIT, CPC, Great Falls Clinic, Great Falls, Mont. Percutaneous gastrostomy tubes (G-tubes) are feeding tubes required by patients unable to consume sufficient calories to meet metabolic needs. Physicians use this technique most often with patients who have impaired swallowing, neoplasms of the esophagus or larynx, and other catabolic conditions. If necessary, due to repeated aspiration of nasogastric tube feedings or other problems, the physician can modify the G-tube technique to allow placement of a jejunostomy tube at the time of the initial procedure or during a later session. more
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