What is the difference between a mentor and a tutor?

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1 Answer

As a result of the research and interviews conducted by the Arizona Mentoring Initiative (AMI) over the past two years, it has become clear that there is a lack of understanding among many groups regarding the difference between mentoring and tutoring. This creates a real problem in communicating between various groups working with the scholastic and behavioral problems of children and young adults. In its simplest form, tutoring involves the teaching of a skill or set of skills to either an individual or group of individuals. While it may be advantageous, it is not necessary that the same person serve as the tutor to an individual or a group over an extended period of time. The reason for this is that tutoring is not based on a personal relationship between the person doing the tutoring and the person being tutored. Mentoring, on the other hand, is heavily dependent on the establishment and nurturing of a close, personal relationship between the mentor and mentee over time.
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