What is the difference between a No Contact Order, a Protective Order, and a Restraining Order?

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1 Answer

Indiana's courts may now issue three different kinds of orders: Protective Order, No Contact Order, and Workplace Violence Restraining Order. Restraining Orders in the context of a divorce do not exist under the new statutes. Courts may still issue such orders with regard to assets, usually to prohibit parties from trying to destroy or encumber marital property. A person who is or has been a victim of domestic or family violence may file a petition for an ORDER OF PROTECTION against a family or household member who commits an act of domestic or family violence; or against a person who has committed stalking or a sex offense against the petitioner. There is NO FILING FEE REQUIRED. The new Protective Order statute no longer covers disputes among neighbors or similar types of cases. Relief is possible in those situations through the Porter County PACT Community Mediation Program or other civil or criminal proceedings. NO CONTACT ORDERS -- In a criminal case, a court may issue a No ...
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