What is the difference between a periodical, a magazine, and a journal?

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2 Answers

A periodical is a document published on a regular, predictable schedule (though in the case of some titles, just how regular and how predictable some librarians would question). Some periodicals are daily; some weekly, some biweekly, some quarterly, or perhaps are annually. The term "serial" is frequently used interchangeably with "periodical", though in the library profession these terms are generally considered to have subtle distinctions. A magazine is a periodical that has a popular or general audience, whereas a journal is a periodical that has as its audience the scholarly community. Your academic research will utilize journals much more often than magazines. Time, Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, RollingStone, People, Reader's Digest, Architectural Digest, O are all examples of magazines. While normally, a periodical that has the word "journal" in it's title is indeed a journal, this like most rules has its exceptions - Ladies Home Journal is a magazine, not a journal. Some ... more
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Periodicals are the publications that are published on frequent basis such as daily, weekly, monthly. The period of publishing is fixed. The magazine is also a kind of periodical which can contains articles, fun stuff, photos etc. Magazines are also published on regular basis. Publishing company can decide the genre of magazine or it can customize it according to the needs. Journals are specially published to give the information and updates related to a particular subject and written by the experts in that field.

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