What is the difference between a pitched and flat roof?

Home Improvement

Which is a better investment for my home?

Kate Horder

In the UK, pitched roofs are the most common type. Aesthetically, they have that unparalleled, timeless appeal that is recognised worldwide. But pitched roofs aren’t just pretty. They also help maximise your space and provide a loft conversion possibility. Because of their triangular shape, they are also effective in draining rainwater. However, their complex design makes them laborious and costly to install.

On the other hand, flat roofs are cheaper and quicker to build. They can be an ideal option for a starter home or another area of the house, such as the garage that doesn’t demand the same roof features. However, they generally require more maintenance and have a shorter lifespan than pitched roofs. If you have the money to invest in longevity, the pitched roof is the better option.

You might want to consult with professional roofers to better weigh the pros and cons. They may even be able to provide you with better suggestions on how to merge the two. If you need to speak with roofers in Witney, I suggest Country Roofing Ltd.