What is the difference between a priest and a prophet?

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A. First, a priest could only come from the tribe of Levi (Moses was from this tribe and so was his brother Aaron). This was ordained by God. The High Priest could only come from Aaron and his sons. The priestly duty was to carry out the act of atonement through the sacrificial system that was in place at the time. Simply stated, the priests presented the people to God. The prophet on the other hand could come from any tribe but were specifically called by God, the prophet presented God to the people through the process of forthtelling. What we call prophecy has always been known by God, so prophecy was the revealing of His Word, we now have His completed Word and do not rely on prophets. We rely on guidance and illumination of His Word from God The Holy Spirit. The Bible records 80 High Priests leading up to the time of Christ, all of them have died, Christ the Great High Priest is the last and He is at the right hand of the Throne interceding for us as I write this. Read Hebrews ... more
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