What is the difference between a Prosecuting Attorney and the District Attorney? Who else is involved?

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1 Answer

Everyone's pretty much dancing around it so far. The prosecuting attorney and the District Attorney can be the same person. Basically, whoever the attorney representing the People/State is the prosecuting attorney. That person is responsible for receiving police reports after an arrest, determining if there is a basis for criminal charges, and proceeding with a prosecution of the Defendant if there is such a basis. Prosecuting Attorneys generally include: The Attorney General (for Federal Crimes, etc.), The District Attorney (a County Agency, responsible for prosecution of State Crimes), and The City Attorney (for State misdemeanors and municipal violations, as well as City Civil Law). There may be other attorneys depending on the state, but those are the main agencies. The Attorney General (A.G.), District Attorney (D.A.), and City Attorney are generally elected officers. There are Assistants and Deputies who generally handle the individual cases. Note: There's also JAG (Judge ... more
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