What is the difference between a protective order and an injunction?

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1 Answer

A protective order is criminally enforceable, which means that the person who violates it can go to jail immediately. The police are able to act on a protective order to arrest the person right away. It can also include an order to have law enforcement officers remove the abuser or the abused from the home safely. An injunction is civilly enforceable, which means that the person will not be thrown in jail for violating it. Instead a separate suit must be brought in family court to punish the person for violating the injunction. Since a protective order is very harsh, it is usually only granted in cases of significant abuse that has happened very recently and when there is a possibility for future violence. If you think you might need a protective order, call our office immediately because it is very time-sensitive. FAQ - ENFORCEMENTS Questions: I am not getting my child support/visitation with my kids. What should I do? I don’t want my co-parent to go to jail, but I do want to get my ... more
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