What is the difference between a Sheriff's Deputy, Police Officer, Highway Patrol Officer and the State Police?

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A.: All four are peace officers and are authorized under the California penal code with identical police powers anywhere in California. a) A Deputy Sheriff works for the County Sheriff's Department. California is divided into counties. In Los Angeles County communities that have not incorporated into cities, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department provides law enforcement and operates the county jails and courts. Dozens of cities in the Los Angeles County contract with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department to provide law enforcement services in the City. Some independent cities maintain their own police department, many cities contract with the county for law enforcement, traffic and fire/paramedic services. This contract provides all services of a normal police department (including extra services such as SWAT teams, specialized detective units, air support and emergency services) at a substantial savings to the City. b) A Los Angeles Police Officer (LAPD) works for the ...
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