What is the difference between a Situs Address and a Property Owners Address?

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1 Answer

(situs: n. the place where something exists or originates) A Situs Address is the physical address of a property or a structure on a particular piece of property. A Situs Address can also be assigned to an array of different features such as: houses, phone booths, bridges, street signs, etc. Some parcels, particularly commercial parcels, may have more than one situs address such as a strip mall. The Situs Address and the Mailing Address can be one in the same if the property owner or tenant resides at the situs address and receives their mail at that location. The Property Owners Mailing Address which may differ from the situs address if the owner gets his mail (such as property tax statement) at another location. Examples: • Property owner resides at the situs address but has a post office box number for a mailing address. • Tenant rents a house at the situs address but the property owner resides and receives his mail at another location. Sometimes when I select a parcel on the map ... more
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