What is the difference between a springer spaniel & cocker spaniel?

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1 Answer

Springers do NOT come in solid coat colors like liver, or brown as you call it. Springers only come in Parti (2 colors, one of which is white). Cockers do come in solid coat colors as well as parti. The two breeds have been separate breeds for a long time. You don't just get a litter of pups anymore and call some Springers, others Cockers, and others Fields based on the size of the pups. *** Lorraine, I also wanted to add that Cocker Spaniels are first and foremost a working breed. They are as fully capable of working as an English Springer Spaniel is. And well-bred show Cockers are just as effective on the field as working Cockers, though they may possess a little less stamina. A Cocker is only supposed to work within 30 feet of its owner so stamina shouldn't be so much of an issue anyway. If they weren't capable of working they'd be in the Toy group instead of the Sporting group. more
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