What is the difference between a standard contact lens fitting and follow-up and a premium contact lens fitting and follow-up?

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2 Answers

A. • A standard contact lens fitting includes clear, soft, spherical, daily wear contact lenses for single-vision prescriptions. It does not include extended/overnight wear lenses. • A premium contact lens fitting includes more complex applications, including, but not limited to, bifocal/multifocal, cosmetic color, post-surgical and gas permeable lenses. It also includes extended/overnight wear lenses. Check with your provider for more information. more
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Standard contact lens fitting does not include over night wear lenses. It includes single vision description with one day proclear contact lenses, clear, soft, spherical fittings. 

Premium fiitings invovles complex applications including bifocal/multifocal, post- surgical, gas preamble lenses.

The cost of premium fittings is more as compared to standard contact lens because of this reason.

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