What is the difference between a Traffic Violation Notice, a Notice of Traffic Violation, or a Warning Letter Only?

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1 Answer

If the data received from Redflex Traffic Systems Inc. has incorrect or mismatched data, such as the photograph does not match your driver license picture, or the vehicle is not the same as the registered owner, then a Traffic Violation Notice will be issued to you. The notice will include black and white pictures of the driver and vehicle.If the data received from Redflex Traffic Systems Inc. is correct then a Traffic Citation is issued and the photographs will be in color. The citation is a summons resulting from a traffic infraction and you must either post bail or appear in court. In court you may have the option to go to traffic school (if you have not done so within the last eighteen months) to remove the moving violation as a point on your drivers license. A Warning Letter Only (WLO) is generated in the first 30 days of a newly activated intersection and is meant to provide preliminary notice of the RLCP in that intersection. If you have received a WLO, no further action is ... more
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