What is the difference between a tumor and a mass? A: Medical terminology can sometimes be confusing.

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Cancer = Malignancy = Invasive Benign = not Cancer "Tumor" comes from the Latin word for "Swelling" (so, technically, something like a pimple could be described as a "tumor") Tumor = Mass Not all Cancers are Tumors (e.g. leukemia) Not all Tumors are Cancers (e.g. ovarian cystadenoma)AG00112_.gif (1236 bytes) Q: What tests do you perform to follow the progress of my treatment? A: You will be followed very closely during and for many years after treatment of your cancer. Each time you come to the office a pelvic and abdominal exam are performed and blood tests (e.g. CBC, CA-125, Squamous Cell Antigen, etc.,) are drawn. You will also have imaging studies (CAT scans, X-rays, Ultrasound, etc.,) performed at various intervals. Initially you will need to be seen every month during your initial treatment. After this period you will need to be seen in the office every 2-4 months for 2-3 years. After 2-3 years you will be examined every 6 months. AG00112_.
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