What is the difference between a young coconut and a regular coconut?

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1 Answer

When coconuts grow, they have a hard green shell surrounding a white fibrous layer and a hard, liquid-filled kernel. This kernel is what we know of as a coconut - the fuzzy, light tan to dark brown, rock-hard, mysterious and delicious food. The coconuts we typically see in stores are these fully-matured coconuts that have a thick layer of white 'meat' inside along with a little bit of sweet liquid. Some coconuts are harvested before full maturity, and their green outer shell is only shaved down halfway to the kernel, leaving a white fibrous outer layer. These young coconuts are usually shaved into the shape of a cylinder with a cone on top. Young coconuts typically contain less 'meat' than mature coconuts, while they are completely filled with liquid that is much sweeter than the liquid found in mature coconuts. Nutritionally, young coconuts are an excellent source of electrolytes, vitamins and trace minerals. They are among the most hydrating and nutritionally complete foods on the ...
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