What is the difference between an absolute gift and a conditional gift?

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1 Answer

An absolute gift is a gift of property that gives the recipient complete possession and control over the property. Upon receipt of the gift, the recipient owns the property and may do whatever he/she wants with it, subject, of course, to legal regulation for the use of the property. A conditional gift is a gift of property which is revocable if the recipient does not fulfill conditions attached to the gift. For example: "I give my house to my friend John, provided that my friend John take care of whatever cats I own on my death for as long as the cats shall live." Law Depot's Will provides for absolute gifts in both the Specific Gifts section and the Distribution of Residue section. You may use the Additional Provisions feature to give a conditional gift, but the law surrounding conditional gifts is complex, and you should probably seek legal advice in your jurisdiction to properly effect a conditional gift. more
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