What is the difference between an angel and a saint?

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Good question! I think it depends on what you mean by the word saint. Usually when people use this word they are referring to those holy men and women who came before us and who are now in heaven praying for us. When you use the word saint in that way, then the difference between the angels and the saints is in their nature. Angels are spirits made to exist without a body. The saints (as we are using the term here), however, are spirits that were once united to a human body and were made for unity with that body. While the angels are complete in and of themselves, the spirits of saintly men and women are in a sense incomplete because they are without the body they once had. When Jesus finally comes again and the justice and mercy of God's judgments is made known to all the world, then these saints will be united with their bodies once again. But, the discussion doesnt end there. If you use the word saint in a more general way to refer to any holy person, then all the inhabitants of ...
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