What is the difference between an ISP (Individualized Services Plan) and an IEP (Individualized Education Program)?

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The IEP is a written statement that specifies the individual needs of the child and what special education and related services are necessary to meet those needs. The services are provided through the public schools. The ISP indicates the service(s) the student may receive when the student attends a parentally-placed private school. 12. How long does it take to find a student eligible for special education services? Once an FCPS school receives a student referral the neighborhood or base school must convene a screening committee within 10 business days to determine whether or not to evaluate for special education. If it is determined that assessments are required, the school must complete the assessments and hold an eligibility meeting during a time period not to exceed 65 business days from the date of the initial referral. 13. Can a student receive the same amount of special education service through an ISP as he or she would receive through an IEP? A parentally-placed private ... more
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