What is the difference between an Ob/gyn, an Endocrinologist, and a Reproductive Endocrinologist?

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1 Answer

An ob/gyn is a M.D. who did 4 years of specialty training in ob/gyn. An endocrinologist is an internist who did several years of training in the field of endocrinology, studying hormones and the internal glands such as the thyroid and pancreas. A reproductive endocrinologist is a ob/gyn who went for another 3 years of training to diagnose and treat reproductive problems and performs advanced reproductive techniques, such as IVF, GIFT, ZIFT. They also usually has more surgical experience in reproductive disorders than ob/gyn's. They usually are more up to date on the latest advances in reproductive medicine. If you have PCO, this information may become important to you if you are looking for a doctor who is familiar with the insulin problems that maybe associated with PCO. How to find a 'good' doctor and be prepared for them: There is no way of getting out of doing a lot of footwork. I will concentrate here on the ob/gyn/RE/endo doctors here, although some of these suggestions hold ... more
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