What is the Difference Between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

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What is the Difference Between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

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Artificial Intelligence ->It comprises of two words “Artifical” and “Intelligence”. Artificial means something that is made by the humans or non-natural thing. Intelligence refers to an ability to think or understand. A.I. is not a system but it is implemented in a system.

Machine Learning-> It is the learning in which machine learning on its own without the help of outsider programming. It is the application of A.I. that provide the system to improve it from experience and ability to learn automatically.


 Artificial Intelligence                                         Machine Learning

1. It does not increase accuracy                 1. It increases accuracy.

2. It increases the chance of                     2. It doesn’t increase the chance

success                                                      of success

3. It leads to intelligence                          3. It leads to knowledge

4. It works smartly as computer                4. It takes data and learns from a

program                                                        the data

5. It simulates natural intelligence in order   5. It allows maximizing the

to solve the complex problems.                      performance.

6. It is Decision                                          6. It allows a system to learn

Making                                                      things from data

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Artificial Intelligence—–> A.I is the branch of Computer Science that involves making products that can think on their own and perform simple tasks like picking up an object or chatting. An A.I can not learn from its mistakes.

Machine Learning——–> Machine Learning is the subset of A.I that involves making products that can learn from their previous mistakes. Thus, the name “Machine Learning”. This is the cutting edge technology of A.I. All major algorithms are based on ML.

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The difference between machine learning and AI is machine learning is kind of like a brain except it cant think for itself it only learns from mistakes on the task it is doing. compared to AI were it does the same thing except it learns and applies it and tries to make it better each time, till eventually it can not learn anymore


Machine learning is about teaching computers to learn in the same way we do, by interpreting data from the world around us, classifying it and learning from its successes and failures. In fact, machine learning is a subset, or better, the leading edge of artificial intelligence.
Artificial Intelligence is the broader concept of machines being able to carry out tasks in a way that we would consider “smart”.So basically machine learning is an approach to Artificial Intelligence(AI).
Artificial Intelligence is a way of making a computer, a computer-controlled robot, or a software thinks intelligently, in the similar manner the intelligent humans think.