What is the difference between attributes and features?

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1 Answer

A feature has characteristics or properties, which can be represented in feature-based DLG data using attributes and values. What is a reach? Each reach is a continuous piece of surface water with similar hydrologic characteristics, such as a stretch of stream between two confluences or a lake. Some unconnected (isolated) features are also reaches, for example, isolated lakes and single, unconnected streams. What are connectors and Artificial Paths? A connector establishes a known, but non-specific connection between two non-adjacent network segments that have flow. An artificial path is a basic feature created to represent the flow of water through a 2-dimensional feature, such as a lake or a double-banked stream, in the surface water network. Artificial path basic features may be combined to form reaches. What is the positional accuracy of the NHD? Original hydrographic data were compiled to meet National Map Accuracy standards. These standards have been maintained in the process ... more
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