What is the difference between balanced armature and dynamic drivers?

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1 Answer

Balanced armature drivers are tuned at the factory to produce a particular quality of sound across the whole spectrum. Usually these devices are tuned to provide as flat a response as possible, meaning that you hear the music accurately and if you want more emphasis in the bass, treble or midranges, you must adjust the source to provide that emphasis. Dynamic drivers are designed to try and emulate the normal hearing response curve of the ear. This means they emphasize some frequency ranges and de-emphasize others, trying to mimic what you would hear if you were listening to sound without a listening device, as from an ordinary speaker in a room. For example, human hearing tends to emphasize sounds around 3 kHz because that is typically the resonant frequency of the ear canal and the surrounding structures. Canal phones do not let the ear resonate because most of that structure is bypassed, so dynamic drivers are virtually all made so that they produce a louder sound around the 3 kHz ...
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