What is the difference between Barrel, Mitered or French cuffs?

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1 Answer

Barrel cuffs or button cuffs just means they have a button to close the cuff. A Mitered cuffs just means they have a "V" cut. French cuffed shirts have a longer cuff that folds up. They do not have a button and require cufflinks to close them. Both cuffs are accepted in the professional world so it really comes down to personal preference. However, French cuffs allow you express your personality since cufflinks are an accessory. I dont like wrinkling, what is wrong with buying polyester blended dress shirts? To put it bluntly, polyester blended dress shirts look cheap because they are cheap. When wearing a dress shirt, you are creating a professional, confident appearance. Wearing a cheap polyester shirt will lessen your overall look and will even cheapen an expensive suit. Looking your best will boost your confidence. [back to top] Neckties: I got a stain on my tie, what should I do? Do not try to clean it with water. The colors may bleed. You can pat the stain with a dry cloth. ... more
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