What is the difference between "BlackBox" and "WhiteBox" testing?

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1 Answer

"BlackBox" testing means you don't get to see what's going on inside the application under test. "WhiteBox" testing means you do. Most of the time, BlackBox testing means you're doing functional testing. And, WhiteBox testing means you're probably doing coverage analysis. • What happens if I don't do any WhiteBox coverage testing? Sadly, without a really good metric to tell you what you have done and haven't done, you'll probably be badly undertested. You may want to watch out! For example, even the best functional testers generally only hit about 30%-50% of the structure of the application they're testing. So, without coverage analysis it may be that upwards of 70% of your application has never been exercised at all when your product goes into field service. • What is a segment? What is a [logical] branch? A segment, sometimes called a [logical] branch, is a piece of code that is always executed as a unit after some piece of program logic happens. For example, an "IF" statement has ... more
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