What is the difference between blinds and plantation shutters?

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1 Answer

Plantation shutters derived their name from the window coverings used on the old plantation homes of yesteryear. They have thicker louvers than most blinds, and are permanently attached to the window frame. They offer a refined and beautiful finish to your window. We often refer to them as "furniture for your windows." They are adjusted or tilted with a rod that controls all the louvers simultaneously. They are opened by pulling out the panel(s), much like a cabinet door. They cannot be raised or lowered like a blind. Faux wood and wood blinds often get confused with shutters, as they look similar to shutters from the outside. These blinds are attached with brackets only at the top of your window and fall freely to the sill. They can be raised or lowered and tilted opened or closed through the use of cord controls. more
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