What is the difference between Borosilicate Glass and Soda Lime Glass?

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1 Answer

The most common type of glass sink and the cheapest to make is soda-lime glass. Soda-lime is among the highest expansion ratio of any glass giving it poor resistance to high and sudden temperature changes. Additionally, soda-lime glass has only fair resistance to chemical corrosives. Tempering can improve the temperature and impact resistance of soda-lime if the glass is true tempered. Glass products made in foreign countries may not be tempered properly causing the product to become brittle and subject to cracking or chipping. All Oceana sinks and tile are made of Oceana "Hard Roc" glass, a unique formulation of Borosilicate Glass created by Jeannette Specialty Glass. Borosilicate glass has high resistance to sudden temperature changes. In fact, borosilicate is the glass of choice for refrigerator shelving to oven cookware. Oceana sinks and tile can withstand repeated temperature changes between 0 and 212 F without damage. Unlike soft soda lime, Borosilicate is highly resistant to ... more
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