What is the difference between buckwheat hull night pillows and millet hulls pillows?

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1 Answer

Both pillows are equally firm as we sleep on them; they offer the exact same support system. The main difference lies in the feel of the pillow: Buckwheat hulls feel coarse and rustle whenever we move (something most people get used to within several nights) while millet hulls are without sound and feel smoother and a bit velvety. First-time hull pillow users often prefer millet hulls (no rustling, smoother feel). People who have owned a buckwheat hull pillow in the past and enjoyed it are encouraged to stay with the same filling. Both pillows are temperate (do not heat up in summer or cool down in winter) yet buckwheat hulls ventilate more easily given their large irregular shape (this would make a difference only for those of us who tend to perspire a lot during sleep). more
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