What is the difference between Delta Dental Premier, Delta Dental PPO?

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1 Answer

A. Many times patients say "I am covered with Delta." It is important to ask them which program they are covered under. Determining this in advance will enable the patient to know if you participate in their program, and will avoid any surprises or misunderstandings. Delta Dental Premier or Delta Dental Premier National Coverage is our traditional fee-for-service program. Participating dentists are guaranteed direct payment. Arkansas dentists will be paid based on the lesser of their submitted fee or the DDAR MPA, regardless of which Delta Dental member company processes their claim. Subscribers with Delta Dental Premier coverage have financial incentive to seek services from a participating Delta Dental Premier dentist. Participating dentists outside of Arkansas will be paid based on the allowance set by their local Delta Dental member company. Delta Dental PPO and Delta Dental PPO National Coverage is our reduced fee-for-service program commonly referred to as a PPO. Arkansas Delta ...
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